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US Partners
Architects and engineers in Seattle, Washington developing plans for Hope Village
Architects working pro bono on the master plan, comprehensive design, and construction schedule for Hope Village, in collaboration with our Tanzanian partners.

Their work includes:
  • Site research
  • Culture
  • Vernacular architecture
  • Local construction materials research
  • Sustainability research
  • Water consumption research
  • Building design and materials selection for a variety of structures

Engineers Without Borders-Puget Sound Professional Chapter have been working pro bono on design aspects of Hope Village. They have been instrumental in drilling the water wells to support the local villagers, and the well for Hope Village as well as many other projects for Hope Village and the improvement of villager's lives.

Engineering projects:

  • Local production of building materials e.g. bricks
  • Solar water well and pressure pumps
  • Solar lighting and hot water
  • Water treatment and distribution system
  • Composting toilets
  • Grey water irrigation
  • Permaculture food production
  • Efficient, sustainable crop and animal rearing
  • Efficient wood burning cooking stoves

See the site of Hope Village
See the Engineering Plans