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About Songea
Songea Municipal District

is located in the Ruvuma Region in the rural south of Tanzania, reached by a 14-hour bus ride from Dar es Salaam. It has an area of 750,000 Km and is characterized by hilly topography with altitude ranging between 980-1100 meters above sea level.
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The urban zone
has over 54,000 inhabitants engaged in business and livestock keeping, and the peripheral zones have over 77,000 inhabitants living in typical villages and engaged in livestock keeping and subsistence agriculture.
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Songea village picture.jpg
The rainy season is November through May

Agriculture is the main economic activity. Food crops include maize, cassava, paddy, legumes, sweet potatoes and sorghum. The livestock industry is not well developed, with an average of 1 goat per three households and 1 cow for every 30 persons.

is characterized by high morbidity and mortality with poor education and nutrition status, and high incidence rates of common diseases. There are 60 primary schools, 27 secondary schools, and 2 high schools.
Mshangano and Lutukira Wards

In urban Mshangano Ward, Songea's Kids and Jirani Mwema are caring for at-risk children. At the rural Lutukira site Songea's Kids and Hope Village Organizations are building Hope Village. Both are poor villages. They have no electricity, running water or sewer. At Lutukira there is no nursery/pre-primary school, dispensary or vocational training school, all of which will be built in Hope Village. For more in-depth information, read the Songea Municipal Profile 2010.