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Songea's Kids is a '"grassroots," all-volunteer organization that is dedicated to giving LIFE and HOPE to orphaned and vulnerable children in Tanzania. We work closely with Tanzania nonprofit partner organizations to ensure basic needs are met and students learn technical and vocational skills for their future. With Jirani Mwema, we jointly support up to 65 orphaned children in foster homes in Mshangano Village, Songea. With Hope Village Organization, together we are creating and implementing a multi-faceted complex in Lutukira Village for residential orphan care, vocational training, and much more. Songea's Kids provides seed money and mentoring to assist our partners in establishing income-producing projects that will support their children without outside funds. Generous support from individual donors transforms lives every day. Our volunteer accountants carefully monitor all donations to verify each dollar is used wisely for the children.

Here are several ways you can give:

This Fund provides flexibility to use your donation where it is most urgently needed: basic needs of the orphans in our care from birth to late teens; education costs; special needs such as mattresses, beds, mosquito nets, and bicycles to travel to far-away schools; unexpected foster home repair costs. These gifts also make the work of Songea's Kids possible by funding the very small operational costs for our all-volunteer organization. The Songea's Kids Board of Directors determines where Greatest Needs Funds are most needed, always focusing on what is best for the children.


Orphan House Being repaired

Orphaned children require support for ALL their daily needs--food, healthcare, medicine, clothing, shoes, hygiene supplies, and daily and emergency care. Jirani Mwema distributes food money and supplies, supports caregivers, monitors each child's well-being and school progress, and reports monthly to Songea's Kids. Because of your support, each child no longer experiences food insecurity but has a secure LIFE.


Children receiving monthly supplies

In Tanzania, all students must pay fees for uniforms, school supplies, examinations, and even subsidizing construction of new classrooms. Because of a severe shortage of public schools, most students must attend private schools and pay high tuition in secondary schools, vocational training, teacher and medical training, and other higher education venues. Our Education/Scholarship fund also pays for special study camps and tutoring before exams. Because of this fund, students' progress as far as their abilities and commitment will take them, and become self-supporting, productive citizens.
For each student who completes an education, fear about their future is replaced with HOPE.


Joy of Holding a Book

Hope Village is being built in several phases to provide urgently needed residential housing for up to 160 orphans and vulnerable children-kids who have no other option for daily care in a safe environment. An onsite vocational school offers practical courses for teens and adults so they learn skills to be productive, self-supporting citizens: masonry, carpentry, tailoring, agriculture, computers and more. Teachers in their field of study use a curriculum developed pro bono by subject matter experts. Using our unique approach, advanced vocational students receive expert on-the-job training as they construct the buildings and furnishings for Hope Village. For the first time, residents of the local village of Lutukira and Madaba District will benefit from clean water, health clinic, nursery/pre-primary school, community center, and marketplace when Hope Village is fully constructed thanks to donor contributions of time, construction materials, and funds.
Donate by Mail

Please download and mail the donation forms to the right →
Make checks payable to Songea's Kids and send to:
Songea's Kids
3020 Issaquah-Pine Lake Rd #539
Sammamish, WA 98075
Phone: 425-961-0623
Asante sana! (Thank you very much)
Sally Farrell, Vice Chairperson & Development Director

All donors receive an Annual Report, which includes financial summaries of revenues and expenses.

If your company has a Matching Gift Program, your generosity can help the orphans even more.

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