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Songea's Kids helps enrich and fulfill lives
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Welcome,and thank you for your interest in the orphans and vulnerable children of Songea, Tanzania. Here you will learn how you can help these children break the chains of poverty and neglect, and help Songea's Kids give them a future by meeting their daily needs and providing education.

Education/Scholarship Funds needed! Education is the key to escaping the cycle of poverty and dependency. Money is needed for uniforms, school supplies, books, fees, and tuition. Give to the Education/Scholarship Fund or become an Education Sponsor.

Sponsor a Child: As a Basic Needs sponsor your donations will pay for daily needs - food, healthcare, medicine, clothing, shoes, and nurturing care.

Give Life & Hope-Donate Now!

Our Vision:For the people of Songea, Tanzania, to meet the basic living, health, and educational needs of their children.

Our Mission:To collaborate with Tanzanian partners to support orphans and other vulnerable children, and build self-sustaining infrastructure in Hope Village.

Songea's Kids Video: This video explains the mission of Songea's Kids and the vision of Hope Village. It visualizes the finished Hope Village project, with the buildings and facilities that will serve the orphans and people of the local community.

Read more details about the work underway on the Hope Village Page.

News The latest from Songea's Kids
CHILDREN IN NEED: Jackson and Jacline are twins in born July 30, 2014 in Songea. Their 27-year-old mother died when they were born and the father in unknown.
Jackson and Jacline

Since that day the twins are in the care of their Aunt Mercy, who had to give up her job to care for them. They live with Mercy's 79-year-old father and 68-year-old mother who are old now. Mercy also has 2 children to care for--one in secondary school and one in primary school. So 8 people are living together. Mercy is the one in this family who has the responsibility of taking care of the small twins, finding food and other important needs in the family.

Mercy's Parents

They are in urgent need of supplies that total $500 the first month (a list of supplies is available on request). Each child needs a sponsor ($55/month) so they can be assured of continuing care. This is the first time in our 6 years of working with orphans that our Jirani Mwema partners and Songea Child Welfare officials have written Songea's Kids about a need so urgent that the children are in danger of dying. Immediate measures are needed to as to save their lives or they will be lost.

Please help us help them if possible. Go to our Donate Page → . ALL donations will go directly to help the children. Asante sana (Thank you).

CLEAN WATER FOR KIDS:How will YOU make this possible? Hope Village will provide nurturing care for 160 orphans in very poor and remote Lutukira, Tanzania, East Africa. The well and housing plans are finished. Contractors are ready to begin this year. But the FIRST step is drilling a deep well to provide clean water. The need is URGENT; children are waiting for shelter, food, hygiene supplies, healthcare, and to go to school.
The ORPHAN WELL PROJECT is the first step to make this possible. Help us reach our goal of 15,000 pounds! Start saving bags of donations at your home NOW. See the attached flyer for details. 2015 CFTC Announcement! →


The chickens are healthy and producing well. For the first time, the children receive an egg a week, which is greatly improving their nutrition. From April to November 2104, Jirani Mwema saved 3 million Tsh from the sale of excess eggs. Part of that has been used to buy more chicks, increasing the current number from 180 to 320. The project is now self-sustaining, and some excess income helps pay orphan care and education costs.

This project was made possible by generous grants to Songea's Kids from Sowing Seeds of Hope. Read "Jirani Mwema's Successful Chicken Project to Promote Quality Health and Well-Being for Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Mshangano, March 2014" to see the project startup report and photos.

Here are recent pictures from the project:

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