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Songea's Kids helps enrich and fulfill lives
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Welcome,and thank you for your interest in the orphans and vulnerable children of Songea, Tanzania. Here you will learn how you can help these children break the bonds of poverty and neglect, and help Songea's Kids give them a future by meeting their daily needs and providing education.

Education/Scholarship Funds needed! Education is the key to escaping the cycle of property and dependency. Money is needed for uniforms, school supplies, books, fees, and tuition. Give to the Education/Scholarship Fund.

Sponsor a Child: Your donations will pay for daily needs - food, healthcare, medicine, clothing, shoes, and nurturing care.

Give Life & Hope-Donate Now!

Our Vision:For the people of Songea, Tanzania, to meet the basic living, health, and educational needs of their children.

Our Mission:To collaborate with Tanzanian partners to support orphans and other vulnerable children, and build self-sustaining infrastructure in Mshangano Village.

Songea's Kids Video:
Songea Soiree 2013: A huge THANK YOU to the attendees, silent auction donors, and volunteers who made the 2013 Songea Soiree a great success! Enjoy the "Sponsor a Dream" video that premiered at the event. Read and/or Listen to the very moving Keynote Address by Nashon Kikalao , Songea's Kids Special Envoy in Tanzania.

Mark your calendar now to attend the 2014 Songea Soiree on Saturday, May 3.

View the 2013 Songea Soiree Keynote:
NewsThe latest from Songea's Kids
New Child Co-Sponsor System: In June the Songea’s Kids Board approved a child co-sponsor system to enable us to cope with the high inflation in Tanzania and the increased cost of education as more orphans succeed in entering secondary and/or vocational school. This system broadens the base of support for each child without overburdening a Basic Needs Sponsor ($55/month. An Education Sponsor ($27.50/month) enables children to stay in school and progress according to their abilities and commitment to become self-supporting, productive citizens. Children with sponsors no longer experience food insecurity; fear about the future is replaced with HOPE. See the Donate page for more information and help us spread the word so all children have the support they need to succeed.
Chicken-Raising Project: Work is underway in Mshangano Village on the chicken-raising project to improve nutrition for the children and provide income to sustain the project. Local laborers using local materials are building the chicken coop now under the direction of a village planning committee and supervision by Jirani Mwema. Thanks to Sowing Seeds of Hope for funding this entrepreneurial project.
Chicken Coop Construction:
Chicken Project Construction
The chicken coop below has been completed and is ready for the arrival of the chicks. They are to be delivered the week of September 9th.
Chicken Project Construction
Chicken Coop Waiting For Chicks:
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