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Songea's Kids helps enrich and fulfill lives
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Welcome,and thank you for your interest in the orphans and vulnerable children of Songea, Tanzania. Here you will learn how you can help these children break the chains of poverty and neglect, and help Songea's Kids give them a future by meeting their daily needs and providing education.

Education/Scholarship Funds needed! Education is the key to escaping the cycle of poverty and dependency. Money is needed for uniforms, school supplies, books, fees, and tuition. Give to the Education/Scholarship Fund or become an Education Sponsor.

Sponsor a Child: As a Basic Needs sponsor your donations will pay for daily needs - food, healthcare, medicine, clothing, shoes, and nurturing care.

Give Life & Hope-Donate Now!

Our Vision:For the people of Songea, Tanzania, to meet the basic living, health, and educational needs of their children.

Our Mission:To collaborate with Tanzanian partners to support orphans and other vulnerable children, and build self-sustaining infrastructure in Hope Village.

Songea's Kids Video: This video explains the mission of Songea's Kids and the vision of Hope Village. It visualizes the finished Hope Village project, with the buildings and facilities that will serve the orphans and people of the local community.

Read more details about the work underway on the Hope Village Page.

News The latest from Songea's Kids
CHILDREN ARE THRIVING: As of January 2014 Songea's Kids is supporting 64 orphans cared for by Jirani Mwema-- 37 female and 27 male. Four are babies. 29 students in primary school, 13 in secondary school, 14 in vocational school, 3 awaiting exam results so they can enter Form 5 (junior college), 1 on leave but will return to secondary school.

Why is Education Important? Read the "Sponsor a Dream" a very moving keynote address by Nashon Kikalao, Songea's Kids Special Envoy in Tanzania, from the Songea Soiree 2013. He provides eye witness accounts of the urgent needs of the Mshangano Village orphans.

SCHOOL IS IN SESSION: Seven girls have just entered tailoring training. Four boys are in masonry and carpentry training, and two boys are in mechanics training. One girl is attending Hotel Management training. A record number of 19 students are in secondary school. They are learning skills they need to support themselves when they leave the orphan care program. YOU make this possible!.
CALL FOR SPONSORS: 38 students urgently need an Education Sponsor ($27.50/month) and one girl hopes for a Basic Needs Sponsor ($55/month). One-time donors can help with contributions to the Education/Scholarship Fund or General Fund.
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  • Primary Grade

    Primary Grade

  • Ruhila Primary School Students

    Ruhila Primary School Students

  • Chandarua Secondary School

    Chandarua Secondary School

  • Secondary School Classroom

    Secondary School Classroom

  • Beroya Students

    Beroya Students

  • Msamala Vocational Technical College

    Msamala Vocational Technical College

  • Carpentry and Masonry Classroom

    Carpentry and Masonry Classroom

  • Carpentry Traininig First Year Classroom

    Carpentry Traininig First Year Classroom

  • BasicTailoring Training

    Basic Tailoring Training

  • Advanced Tailoring Training

    Advanced Tailoring Training

  • Vocational2

    Tutoring Vocational Training

  • Mechanics Training

    Mechanics Training

  • Mechanics Training Student

    Mechanics Training Student

  • Masonry Trainiing

    Masonry Trainiing

  • Hotel Management Training

    University Hotel Management Training

  • Hotel Management Computer Training

    Hotel Management Computer Training

  • Lucy1.jpg

    Lucy Graduation




The chickens are now producing eggs to feed the children and provide income. For the first time, all the children receive eggs to eat, instead of only those who are HIV positive. This project was made possible by generous grants to Songea's Kids from Sowing Seeds of Hope.

Read "Jirani Mwema's Successful Chicken Project to Promote Quality Health and Well-Being for Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Mshangano, March 2014" to see photos and the latest progress report on the Chicken Project.

Chicken Handler Sevelina Chaula

Chicken Handler Sevelina Chaula

See more pictures of the Chicken Project